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Box to Go Mobile Storage FAQs
How big are our storage boxes?

We offer three convenient sizes to cater to your storage needs: 5m³, 10m³, and 12m³. Here are the dimensions for each option:

  • 5m³ Box: Compact and efficient, measuring 1.78m wide x 1.16m long x 2.24m high (access at the warehouse only).
  • 10m³ Box: Ideal for a 1-bedroom unit, with dimensions of 1.78m wide x 2.36m long x 2.24m high internally.
  • 12m³ Box: Suitable for items from a 1 to 2-bedroom space, featuring dimensions of 1.78m wide x 2.8m long x 2.24m high internally.

In addition to these sizes, we also provide custom storage solutions with direct onsite storage at our warehouse. This option offers you tailored flexibility and convenience for your storage needs.  Contact Us to find out more.

How much does it cost?

Find out all the pricing details here.

Are you planning on storing multiple boxes, need long-term storage or a custom storage solution? We’re here to assist you with a tailored pricing plan. Just get in touch, and we’ll chat about your specific needs.

And if you want a Box delivered right to your doorstep, our delivery and pickup fee is $150.00 per box, within a 20km radius of your local Box To Go warehouse.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us for a comprehensive understanding of our pricing structure and how it suits your requirements.

Can we deliver to your door?

Absolutely! In most cases, we’ll ensure your Box is conveniently close to your designated loading spot. Even if you have a tricky driveway, rest assured – we’re equipped with solutions to make it work. And yes, our storage boxes are fully lockable, ensuring the security of your belonging while you pack.

Site Accessibility
Please note that adequate space for our trailer and parking is essential for smooth delivery. If you’re unsure about the space’s suitability, no worries. We’re happy to visit the site and discuss any potential challenges.

Booking your storage box

Getting your box is easy. Hop onto our Contact page and use the online booking form, or give our friendly folks a buzz. We’re all about making it work for you.

Loading your box

Piece of cake! You’ve got a solid 24 hours to fill it up. Open, pack, lock. Boom, done!

Security first

Your stuff’s in good hands. Our wooden boxes keep moisture out, so no mouldy surprises. And when it’s with you, it’s all locked up tight. We pick it up and store it securely in our CCTV-guarded warehouse, and only you have the padlock key to your Box.

Delivery area

We cover the Bay of Plenty area – Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa. The Delivery and Pickup Fee is $150 per box, within a 20km radius of your local Box to Go Warehouse.  A bit outside that? There might be a small travel fee. Just give us a shout, and we’ll sort you out.

Get a quote

Absolutely! Talk to our friendly team; they’ll walk you through the pricing and provide a quote that fits like a glove.

How long can I keep the box?

24 hours is normally all you need for packing or unpacking, but if you need more time, just let us know.

Payment details

The first month is an upfront payment; then, it’s a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly deal. Cancel with a week’s notice.

Accessing your stuff

Ready to retrieve your belongings? Give us a call and you can access your Box at the storage facility, or we’ll return your box to your location. There will be a delivery fee, so Contact Us for the details.

Multiple locations? No problem

Yep, we’ve got you covered. Ask us about it.

What not to store

No liquids, no flammables, and no perishables. Check out our complete list of no-nos.

Where are we?

Right in the heart of it all – 39 Maru Street, Mount Maunganui. You can’t miss us!

Need more boxes?

No sweat! Once your first box is ready, we’ll bring the next. Multiple boxes? We can handle that, too.

When are we open?

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. We are closed on public holidays.

What can’t I store?

Here are some items that cannot be stored in our Storage Boxes or Storage Warehouse.  This is to help prevent damage to both your items, other peoples items and our property.

Box to Go Mobile Storage FAQs prohibited items
Dangerous Items
Other Items


Including: Methanol, Ethanol, IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), Rubbing Alcohol

All Batteries

Including: car batteries, rechargeable devices, power-banks, removable batteries.


Including household cleaners, bleach and industrial chemicals.


Including Fireworks, road flares, fuses and gunpowder

Fire Extinguishers

All type of pressurised and chemical fire extinguishers.

Fire Starters

Including: matches, lighters, lighter fluid, fire starter blocks, kindling products.

Flammable Items

Any items not listed that are a combustible or an accelerant.

Paints & Thinners

Including: All paints, varnishes, lacquers, polyurethane, sealers, brush cleaners.

Petrol & Oils

All fuels and petroleum-based products including oils, lubricants and grease.


Including: Insecticides, herbicides, pest poisons and pest baits.

Propane & Gases

All bottled gas products including BBQ bottles, LPG, butane and camping gas.

Spray Cans

All pressurised aerosol products including spray paint, air freshener, beauty products.

Vaping Products

Including: vape machines, vape machine parts, vape sticks and vape oils.


Storing firearms in our facility does not comply with current regulations.

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Foods and drinks of all types including fresh, canned and packaged.

Illegal Items

Illegal Drugs, Drug paraphernalia, Stolen Items


No liquids or fluid-like substances which could leak and cause contamination.

Perishable Items

Any additional items likely to degrade or rot over time.

Pet & Animal Food

Any solid or liquid animal feed including raw feed, grains, canned foods, supplements.

Pets & Animals

No live animals of any types including pets, livestock, insects and goldfish.


Lives plants and plant materials including potting mixes, mulches, bark and fertilisers.

Soiled Clothing

Any clothing contaminated with soil, oils, chemicals, food waste or toxic substances.

Have questions?

Not sure about something? Just get in touch to ask.